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Magical Kathmandu from Barahi Kathmandu

From Barahi Kathmandu you can reach the square of Tahity and from there walk through the old by lanes to reach Asan the biggest market at one time. See the Annapurna temple and take the diagonal road to Indra chowk via Seto Machendranath temple and Bheda Singh which is the only market for clay pottery in Kathmandu.

The Indrachowk is dominated by the Akash Bhairav temple and from there a bare 5 min walk will bring you to the Durbar Square with the massive Hanuman Dhoka Palace,the ancient seat of Royalty dominated by the Taleju temple, the tallest temple in Kathmandu, and The statue  of Kal Bhairav. Not to be missed are The Residence of the Living Goddess and The Kashtamandap Pavillion said to have been built from the wood of a single tree. The structure was badly damaged during the 2015 earthquake and have been rebuilt.  See the courtyard of Kote, the scene of a massacre for power struggle in 1842.

You can also witness the early morning life in Kathmandu. Temple goers worshipping their deity, School children going to Morning school, pigeons being fed and people doing their chores. From The Durbar Square you can walk back to the hotel by a different route. Not to be missed on return is the Tooth Ache God.

a) The timing of departure  from the hotel would be preferable at 0545 am in summer and 0630 in winter. The tour would be better in summer than winter.
b) A guide could make the tour more enjoyable.
c) The tour is a walking tour
d) All museums will be closed at that hour and so will be The Residence of Living Goddess.

e) One may not be allowed to enter the temples.

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26 January, 2024
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