We believe in winning through people

We at Barahi are passionate about supporting our local communities in every way possible, and we have initiated many activities that are in accordance with the overall Barahi Corporate Social Responsibility.

It is one of our responsibilities to reach out and support those around us because it is the right thing to do and by doing so we become an integral part in saving many lives.

The hotel actively engages in globally initiated activities such Relief Campaign for those victims of earthquake in 2015 building shelter to distributing food as immediate relief, different health check up campaign, blood donation. In line with “Service with Barahi”, the director’s has implemented a Complete Education for daughter campaign to his hotel employees who has continuous two daughters & don’t make third child.

Most of the humanitarian initiatives are done on a yearly basis, and Barahi Hospitality is committed to these initiatives among many others to support the local communities and provide individuals with a better lifestyle.