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The packages at Barahi group have been uniquely curated to meet all your travel and event needs. Enjoy the warmth of Nepali hospitality at our hotels and lodges.

The Advent of Spring

When winter comes can spring be far behind- P. B. Shelly

As the dryness of winter subsides and new leaves starts blooming we know the Spring is here.

Spring is also the season of festivities and activities in Nepal.




The two festivals of spring in Kathmandu is Shivaratri (10 March) and Holi (26 March).


The Shivaratri festival is held in Pashupatinath temple. Pilgrims stay awake the whole night amidst burning log fire and the place throngs with Sadhus.


The Holi festival later in march is known as the festival of colors. The focal point is Kathmandu Durbar Square where the symbol of Holi, the chir is erected. People rub colored powders on each other and it is joy and fun. The younger crowd gathers for Holi concerts held in different places in Kathmandu. Music, joy and color makes the Holi festival a colorful and fun filled event



The Barahi Kathmandu can be your base in Kathmandu to witness these events




After winter the jungles of Chitwan takes a new turn with new leaves and blooming flowers. Spring is the best time for Bird and wildlife watching especially bears. After months long hibernation the hungry bears start waking up in quest for food and in turn are captured in camera lenses.


Spring is also the time of breeding for Birds and the best time for Bird watching. The strong sunshine and clear sky adds to the visibility in contrast to winter when the days are totally engulfed in fog.


The Barahi Jungle Lodge on the banks of Rapti river overlooking the Chitwan National park could be your base for Jungle activity.




Spring is the best time for trekking and mountaineering activities.

Treks whether long or short can be safely undertaken with no hindrance from weather. Clear cloudless sky improves Mountain view from Sarangkot.


Barahi Hospitality and leisure runs 3 hotels in Pokhara from where your activities can be planned.


  1. a) Hotel Barahi
  2. b) Hotel Aabas
  3. c)Sarangkot Mountain Lodge


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01 March, 2024
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