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The Valleys of Nepal- Chitwan

The Original Chitwan Valley also known as Rapti Doon was 2350 sq km in area. The thick forest sheltered a variety of animals and the area was an exclusive hunting ground for Nepalese royalty and aristocracy in winter when the malaria risk was low.

The valley was totally free of human encroachment due to malaria except for the Tharus who were the indigenous inhabitants of the area and were by birth resistant to Malaria.

In 1960s the government brought in the policy of resettling hill people to Terai and started a massive anti malaria campaign which made Chitwan completely malaria free. A lot of hill people were settled in Chitwan which resulted in massive deforestation endangering the wild life population.

In 1973, 952 sq km of forest was designated as The Royal Chitwan National Park and currently houses about 515 species of bird and 42 species of mammals, out of which the most famous are the Great Indian one horned Rhinoceros and the Royal Bengal Tiger.
The two main rivers Narayani and Rapti form a natural boundary on the north and west. Altitude differs from 330ft in the river valleys to 2674 ft in the Chure hills. Vegetation varies from grassland to moist subtropical deciduous forest.

The Barahi Jungle Lodge is located in Andrauli on the bank of Rapti river overlooking the National Park. A very epitome of luxury it has 36 individual bungalows , a swimming pool and dining facilities.

Jungle activities include Jeep safari, boating on Rapti to view the aquatic animals like crocodiles and otters , nature walks for bird watchers. Every evening a Tharu or Kumal cultural dance program is performed highlighting the local culture.

We look forward to your visit to Barahi Jungle Lodge and if you have any queries please contact our team who will be happy to answer to any questions that you might have.

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03 May, 2024
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