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Exclusive Packages

The packages at Barahi group have been uniquely curated to meet all your travel and event needs. Enjoy the warmth of Nepali hospitality at our hotels and lodges.


Experiences at Barahi Jungle Lodge

We strive to offer our guests an unforgettable experience so that they may remember their travel to Nepal and stay at Barahi Jungle Lodge with much fondness.

Trekking in Nepal

Nepal is a Trekker’s and Hiker’s Paradise. By the medium of this post, we shall share the basics that you should cover before embarking on your Adventure in Nepal.

Magical Kathmandu from Barahi Kathmandu

If you are an early riser, a walk of the old city, barely 10 minutes walk from Barahi Kathmandu could be a worthwhile experience.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Barahi Hospitality & Leisure has always believed that as humans, we must lend a helping hand to those around us. Hence, we often conduct Social Campaigns to thank and give back to the society around us.

Chitwan National Park; how and when it came to be

An awesome experience of luxury with adventure awaits for you at The Barahi Jungle Lodge , Chitwan and your trip to Nepal would remain incomplete without experiencing the hospitality of the jungles.

Celebrations at Barahi Hospitality and Leisure

On 24th and 31st December 2023 Barahi Hospitality & Leisure will be celebrating the Christmas and New Year to usher in 2024.

Nepalese Hospitality at its Finest!

Hotel Barahi Kathmandu , the 5th hotel of the chain has now opened it’s doors to tourism in the capital. It is rated as a 4 Star Hotel and can be used as a transit stop between your visits to Pokhara and Chitwan.

Welcome Letter

Welcome to the blog of BARAHI HOSPITALITY & LEISURE.
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