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Exclusive Packages

The packages at Barahi group have been uniquely curated to meet all your travel and event needs. Enjoy the warmth of Nepali hospitality at our hotels and lodges.

Barahi Jungle Lodge


There are various ways that we have been able to support the local community.
  • We buy all of our raw food products from nearby villages
  • 97% of our staff are from the surrounding area
  • We sell locally made handicrafts in our gift shop and 5% of sales goes back to the local community
  • We annually donate bicycles to local children
  • During COVID, we distributed masks, sanitizer and gloves to the local community.
  • We do regular cleaning drives with the local people on all the roads in the area
  • We support the village schools by providing clean drinking water


As ardent nature lovers, we appreciate how important it is to nurture the environment and raise awareness of how to be more environmentally conscious.
  • We avoid single use plastic where possible.
    • Water is provided free of charge in glass bottles.
    • Shampoo and conditioner are sourced from a local Ayurvedic company and are offered in reusable clay bottles for our guests.
  • We have an extensive food waste segregation system.
    • We compost fruit and vegetable waste.
    • We also vermicompost – using worms – for our vegetable garden.
    • Other food waste is processed in our biogas plant which is used for slow cooking.
    • Remaining food waste is given free to a local pig farmer.
  • We plant 1000s of trees annually and have facilitated tree plantation programs in the local community.
  • We do a regular cleaning drive down 3.5km of the Rapti river from our property to Golaghat.
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